Music…what purpose does it serve for workouts and Why the Music is Good For Workouts ?

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I am torn on this topic; help me out if you can?  I have been working out for well, my whole life practically and I have had it both ways.  I personally believe that it helps motivate you through it.  Now I guess that all depends on whether or not you have the right music.   So say for example right now I am in a Starbucks and they have this easy listening type music…I find it soothing and relaxing to listen to but it obviously would not be good for me to workout to.  I really enjoy and need a more violent or harsh sound to motivate me.   I like to listen to Rage Against the Machine or System of the Down type beats.

Why the Music is Good For Workouts ?

But I am here to tell you I am right in my thinking and in my understanding.  According to the research in New Mexico by Dainow several investigations actually show any type of music (sedative or stimulative) will show a moderate increase in heart rate.  The majority increase in heart rate by all types of music can be explained due to the fact that music does produce some kind of emotional effect, thus increasing the heart rate.   I find this to be pretty interesting because I always thought it was the tempo that made my heart rate increase but really it is just a chemical reaction in the brain to the stimulation of rhythmical sounds.   Interesting???

On top of these findings I was also curious on whether or not the tempo of the music had an effect on the muscle growth potential and interesting enough (according to this study Sears 1957) it certainly does.  Stimulating music increases muscle tension with sedative music decreasing muscle tension (Sears, 1957).  So again I was right to listen to loud obnoxiously crazy music to get muscle hypertrophy.    That makes me happy.

With now knowing that how are you going to switch up your playlists for your next workout.  I know I am going to stick with my loud base pounding alternative music!

No matter what your choice of music enjoy your workout today!


Research by Dainow, E. (1977). Physical effects and motor responses to music. Journal of Research in Music Education, 25, 211-221.
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