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Fitness Friday Turbo Fire: Week 10

Talk about a boring progress week for me this week with Turbo Fire! Nothing has changed. On a positive note, I have not gained any weight, on a negative note I have not lost any weight either.  I am starting to feel like I am in a lull.  I am getting restless and looking for a change of pace for my workouts.  I had a difficult time this week getting motivated to work out first thing in the morning… I need a fitness pick me up!

Measured Progress:

Weight: same
Waist: same
Hips:  same
Chest:  same
Right Arm: same
Left Arm: same
Right Thigh: same
Left Thigh: same

Class Schedule:

Turbo Fire uses terms like Fire class, HIIT Class, Core Class, Sculpt Class, Tone Class, and Stretch Class. I use the terms workout, tone, and cool down. Each Class denotes it time through its title, I am just going to tell you the length of the classes, but let me tell you this; the shorter the length of a workout the more intense the workout is.

How did I do this week? Did I do all of the workouts (classes) in the schedule?

My schedule this week has been off. I missed a day completely and had to play switch-a-roo with my schedule. I had a hard time getting motivated to work out this week and my body measurements reflect that. I don’t feel like I gave it 100% and a result I did not see any major results this week.

Saturday:          MISSED
Sunday:  30 minute toning workout
Monday:  20 minute HIIT workout
Tuesday: 30 minute workout   {Replacing    45 minute workout class and 10 minute cool down}
Wednesday:      REST DAY
Thursday:  20 minute HIIT workout
Friday: 30 minute workout  {Replacing 55 minute workout class and 10 minute cool down}
My Reaction to this program:

I feel like such a slacker this week. I am getting ready to co-host a wedding shower for my little sister so that has taken up a large portion of my time and thoughts, I have been stressing about keeping the house clean just in case we get a last minute showing, and I have been trying to get more creative and crafty with the kids!

All of this might make me a better mother and sister, but it does absolutely nothing for getting results and reaching my fitness goals. I will chalk this week up to be a slacker and push myself harder this coming week. I feel there are not enough hours in the day and I need to squeeze everything I can into every moment!

This is a 20 week program and I am halfway through. When I signed on for this workout I thought that it was a 12 week program and I was very excited about giving it a try. Right now I am stuck in a mental rut and in need of a change of pace. I might substitute one workout next week with a serious rollerblade session or a run just to get outdoors. I really wish that there was a Turbo Fire fitness class offered at the park district that I could sign up for and attend with friends.

If you are interested in Turbo Fire just click on the picture to find out more!

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