Tips for keeping fit for Holidays

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It is time to stay trim in the Holiday Season, learn a few Pelzfit tips!

Every holiday season, we are tempted to drink hot chocolate topped with fluffy whipped cream, chocolate curls and holiday sprinkles. We salivate over roasted turkey, stuffing, glazed ham, sugar cookies, and creamy, cheesy appetizers. We indulge in crafty cocktails like “Gingerbread Martinis” and “Christmas Coffee” chocked full of sugars, alcohol, and cinnamon/sugar accoutrements. While this may sound like holiday bliss dancing on your taste buds, all too often these habits lead to tight pants, unwanted muffin tops, and downright sluggishness as the holidays approach. If you’re a person who is not willing to let Santa’s elves give you the gift of unwanted pudge, then you may want to read the below fitness tips from Pelzfit. These 3 tips are easy and provide simple ways for you to take control of your holiday eating/drinking habits.

Holiday Treats

  1. Watch your carbohydrate intake all through November and December. Going low-carb with your diet is a good way to keep your sugars in balance when you do decide to opt for a gingerbread martini at your holiday parties. By eliminating white bread, potatoes, rice and desserts, having a few sugary cocktails won’t be such a shock to your system. You can party and enjoy relatively guilt free!
  2. Cardio Cardio Cardio! Walk as much as you can before the snow comes. Many people don’t realize that during these months, when most meals are calorie rich, cardiovascular activity needs to increase. Adding a few extra walks in your routine a week will help to combat any unwanted weight gain.
  3. Don’t cook for the holidays at home. With stores, coffee shops, and restaurants all offering ‘holiday specials’, it is unnecessary for you to have a plate of Christmas cookies and pumpkin pies in your own home. Many people feel tempted to buy these treats because they are being sold at every establishment, but if it’s not actually Thanksgiving or Christmas, you don’t need to eat pumpkin pie or sugar cookies while you’re watching TV at night. Fight the temptations, and just indulge at the parties or holiday celebrations themselves.

By just following these simple steps, your fitness and health routine can begin in your own home. Don’t be one of those people who flood to the gym only in January and February to eliminate the unsightly 10lbs that magically appears in November and December. Be proactive. These tips are a good start, but nothing aids healthy living like a free consultation from Eric Pelz. He will get you on your way to working out and eating right, even before you succumb to a leggings-only lifestyle.

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