Pool Workouts

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Using the resistance of the water to increase the burn in your Pool Workouts! Have you tried every workout imaginable?   Have you been to every class that you can go to?  Are you tired of just lifting boring dumbbells in front of the mirror just to see ...

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Shakeology plus TRX

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If you have ever wondered what shakes and fitness have to do with each other, well Shakeology and TRX go hand in hand, find out how. This is the most simple way to make a meal by far,

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Boot Camp in the Park!

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Boot Camp in the Park! What are you doing to stay healthy?   I have been running around Chicago for almost 4 years now.  I am very excited to tell you about the new Boot Camp venture for

3 benefits of the burpee

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It has been looked at under a microscopic and combed over for years and years. It has been used and will continue to be used in grade schools, high schools, and College Universities nation wide and I would assume, but ...

My circuit workout today

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 Circuit Training - Such an effective yet quick workout. Well after the bootcamp I taught I wanted to get a quick workout in.   So I decided to do one of my circuit workouts.  You can duplicate this circuit – and ...

Turbo Fire

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Fitness Friday Turbo Fire: Week 10 Talk about a boring progress week for me this week with Turbo Fire! Nothing has changed. On a positive note, I have not gained any weight, on a negative note I have not lost any ...

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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Journey Over the past few weeks, almost a month now I have been going to Physical Therapy and using the treatment method of ASTYM (Augmented Soft-Tissue Manipulation) for the Shoulder pain I have been having.  It all started from ...

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Turbo Fire

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Turbo Fire - Week 2 Week 2 of Turbo Fire: I am on week 2 of Turbo Fire, a high intensity cardio workout, and I am loving it! No… I am being completely serious. I already feel like I have more energy ...

Guest Blogger!

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Turbo Fire Fridays - Guest Blogger About one busy mom blogger who is starting a strict regimen of Turbo Fire which involves working out everyday and eating right.

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Beachbody challenge in Chicago

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I Challenge you to a Beachbody Challenge? Every month I will be hosting a challenge for people to take part in but it’s not going to be like any other challenge, this will be different in a good way. This is going ...



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