Three pieces of home exercise equipment that you should use

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A couple of weeks ago I shared five body-weight exercises that you can do anywhere. If you got started you should already be feeling and seeing the benefit of these ...

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The right cardio exercise benefits

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We’ve all seen folks in the gym sitting on the exercise bike leafing through a magazine; or ambling on treadmill while they ogle their iPad. They’ve taken the essential first ...

Schedule a workout

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It is important that you make time and schedule your workout So everyone has woken up out of bed later then they would have liked, right? How about hit the snooze button one more time then usual. Or stayed up way ...

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10 minute trainer for busy individual

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10 minute trainer - the workout for the busiest people Results that can be attained by using a program such as 10 minute trainer.   This program is best used for the busy individual or the person that is brand new ...

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Health Tips from the Best Chicago Personal Trainer Pelzfit

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Exercise and Physical Fitness for your Health to keep free and clear from doctors There are some very simple health tips to stay healthy and work aerobic exercise into your day without visiting the gym. The American Diabetes Association mentions these suggestions: Health ...

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My circuit workout today

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 Circuit Training - Such an effective yet quick workout. Well after the bootcamp I taught I wanted to get a quick workout in.   So I decided to do one of my circuit workouts.  You can duplicate this circuit – and ...

Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Journey Over the past few weeks, almost a month now I have been going to Physical Therapy and using the treatment method of ASTYM (Augmented Soft-Tissue Manipulation) for the Shoulder pain I have been having.  It all started from ...

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1 incredible way on how to prevent running injuries

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How to Prevent Running Injuries This is Friday and it is cardio day.  I was recently told about a program for runners that will undoubtedly be taken over very very quickly.   I mean this program is going to be unstoppable ...

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Standing Exercises

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Standing Exercises: Why do we usually train the core from the floor? Most people don’t spend the majority of their days on the floor, nor is it common to get injured from lying down or watching television. Injuries typically happen from improper technique, ...

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Holiday Fitness Quiz Answers

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1. How much weight does the average American gain over the holiday season? C. 1 lb 2. How much does the average monthly gym membership cost? D. $40-50 3. What is the most popular and least used piece of home exercise equipment? ...

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