The Silent Killer – Sugar

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Sugar will be the death to us all

This is something that I need to be very cognizant of in the next few years!   I have been doing more and more research on the belly fat.    This is where the fat, for most men goes, to the stomach.    This is the most detrimental fat there is for a variety of reasons.  First though let me tell you how you commonly get belly fat.  One example is when you ingest a sugary soda.   This will cause your blood sugar to rise.  When your blood sugar rises it causes your insulin to kick in to slow down the rise and regulate it.   But with this soda you just ingested it is to sugary for your body to process it and therefore you have insulin production ramped up but your body doesn’t know what to do with all the insulin.

When your body has the insulin overload it produces excess FAT.   Yes, that is right fat.    Your body will then convert this overdose of insulin to fat and store it in the belly because that is the closest.    When this happen we get a gut, or love handles, or worse yet the dreaded spare tire.    These all look very bad on the outside to use visually, but what about internally?   How bad is this fat production on the inside?  What is it limiting?  What is it affecting inside your body?


Belly fat doesn’t just lay idle at your beltline. Researchers describe it as an active “organ” in your body — one that churns out hormones and inflammatory substances.  This excess fats in your system will start to also drain into the other organs of your body, liver and even into muscle.  The change reactions that occurs causes increased production of LDLs and triglycerides.  This doesn’t just affect the obese either, this belly fat can be in the skinny as well.   In order to see if you have this fat the absolute best method is to GE’s CoreScan technology Video:

This fat comes from many sources but one of the worst places it comes from is the regular can of soda. This packs about 35 grams of added sugars, equivalent to 8.75 teaspoons or 140 calories.  The good news is reducing or cutting out soda, fruit, sports and energy drinks as well as enhanced waters, sweetened teas and sugary coffee drinks can go a long way toward that goal of dropping this unwanted fats, Johnson said. ~

If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life and want to not only drop the visceral fat but also the inches all over and get into a regular exercise routine then let me be your coach!


When you have thoughts of how you can avoid the sugar and deal with the withdrawals of it try taking a look at this: COMBAT SUGAR WITHDRAWL HERE


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