Right Time To Start Workout

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Right Time To Start Workout

So everyone has woken up out of bed later then they would have liked, right?  How about hit the snooze button one more time then usual.  Or stayed up way to late doing who knows what on the World Wide Web.   All of these situations and so many more have come up in the past to haunt us all.   This is why the post will be about something that everyone is familiar with and I will give you 3 takeaways to be prepared for this situation.


Today I was able to get up at 4:33AM.  I know all of you, or at least most of you, are well into R.E.M sleep by then.   But I am getting up for my first client at that time.  Even though I stayed up until 11:15PM I was still able to get up in time.   The first thing I make sure to do before I go to sleep is to set my clothes out the night before.  I decided what the weather is going to be like and decide if I will be on my bike or in the car.

So first takeaway for getting in that workout is: Set out clothes the night before.

After you have pick the perfect outfit for the weather in the morning then you make sure to set your alarm.   Be sure to set the alarm for not right when you get up but instead for 5-10 minutes before your desired time.  I use this time to lay and bed and let my eyes and body wake up.  Before just launching right out of bed.  I like to know that my alarm will go off in time for me to somewhat wake up before I have to get up.

Second takeaway: Set alarm for a few minutes before desired get up time.

These 2 things are very simple and you may all already do both of them.  But I can almost guarantee you very few of you have done this next step.  SCHEDULE IT!  Just like you would a board meeting at work, or a lunch with your mother, or a movie date with your wife, and a Chicago Cubs game.  You have penciled these into your calendars.  Now ask yourself if you have been guilty of not having time to workout?  Have you wanted to workout but then at the end of the day the workout has just not been able to be squeezed in.  To fix this issue along with time management issues be sure to add to your calendar, to-do list, or agenda a training session.

Last takeaway: SCHEDULE IT!

And as always if you are having a tough time with scheduling it in just hit up my website Pelzfit and I will be more than happy to keep you accountable.

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