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Gaby's 90 Day results

Gaby’s 90 Day results

After failing many times on my own and telling Eric No Way on more than several occasions I decided to take him up on his off to help me lose this weight and I am so glad I did!   3 months ago in February I came to Eric for some weight loss help and more importantly some motivation and accountability.  It was because of the accountability group I was put in that helped me really.  I have learned to eat much healthier then before and to incorporate exercise into my everyday!    I am HAPPY to say I have lost more then 35 lbs and I have arm muscles now that people notice!  Not to mention my 11 year old son is feeling much healthier now to because of the nutrition habits I am learning!

Results 35 lbs. in 90 Days and more then 18 inches LOST!!!
~Gaby V.


Zach Crabtree 9 month results









I started working with Eric as my P90X coach!  He was awesome from the start.  He got me pumped up to change my habits for good and I am so glad we connected.  I have had some trips and stumbles along the way but talking with Eric helped me through all these times.  I have been able to drop more then 50 lbs and I am not even done yet.

Results 65 lbs. in 2 years.
~Zach C.


Taylor Tanner Before Taylor Tanner Day 1 T25

Things have been going really good. I lost 10 pounds and 6.5 inches all over on the T25 program. Now that program is done and I am continuing on with eating healthy. From last mid-March to Feb 8th I have lost 65.8 pounds and a total of 51.75 inches overall.

I lost another 1.6 pounds this past week. Some of the goals I set last March I have met some, surpassed a couple, and almost made it to the others. It doesn’t seem like it’s almost been a year since I set those goals, thinking I might have set my goals to high and unreachable and now about a month out from my one year mark I set I can see that my goals were not unreachable. I think what helped the best was all my support and also knowing that it would probably take a year to reach those goals and not a few months, just being realistic about how long it would take knowing my past attempts at losing weight.

Results 85 lbs. in 9 months.
~Taylor T.


Adam Zims Insanity Results

I can’t believe how good I feel. I can’t believe that I notice what kind of food makes me feel good and how much food makes me feel lousy.
~Adam Z.

Eric Pelz is awesome.  He took the time to find my week spots and tailor made workouts to help me develop the body I’ve been striving for.  He’s patient, big on form, very knowledgeable and knows how and when to push you.  Also, he’s flexible and committed to life changing, long term development.  Plus, he’s just a super nice guy to work with.  I cant recommend him more highly.
Results 5 lbs. in 4 weeks, 1% drop in body fat
~Shannon P.

Eric has helped me when no one else did.   He has stuck with me through one surgery and maybe more so far.   When we started I was 256 pounds today I am happy to announce I have seen the opposite side of 230.   In 9 months, with some snafus along the way, I was able to drop 8.5 inches, 4 pants sizes, and countless amount of inches on upper body!   I am very grateful that Eric reached out to me on thumbtack!   Eric has truly helped me with much more then weight, I am gaining confidence I have lost, I am happier then I was before I started, and best thing he cares so much about me!    Best trainer I have had EVER!
Results ongoing
~Charlene T. 

Magen Pazdera 1-90 TF

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and encouraged me through my 90 day workout program, TurboFire! I had a goal to lose 15 lbs and I lost 19, but to me what I gained is more important than any number….CONFIDENCE! Although I have been an athlete all my life, I finally feel STRONG, FIT & HEALTHY!
Results – lost 19 lbs in 90 days.
~Megan P.


Peter Jett's Day 1 - Day 30 X2

I could not be happier then I am today! I am almost 100 lbs lighter then when I met Eric! He has been able to help me out in so many ways. I used Insanity to get in the best shape of my life and I am so happy. With Eric’s continued support I have been able to feel like a new, and most importantly, a healthier man! This has been the best decision of my life to get healthy and fit! I will only improve from here!
Results – Lost 98lbs. and got off his stomach meds for the first time.
~Peter J. 20 yrs.


Eva Baeten

Without meeting Eric he would not have given me the confidence to start to workout for ME once again. It was December of 2012 when we met and at that time, he did not know it, but I was not in a good place. I was happy with my job but I was not happy with my image and where it once was. I once was a figure competitor and now I have the opportunity to get back to that. If you are ready for a life change and you want to gain your life back that you once had or maybe you never had your health, then now is the chance. Take my word for it.

As a cancer survivor I know what it takes to persist and I have done just that and I continue to do just that. Thank you Eric for calling me and staying persistent on helping me get back on the healthy bandwagon! I am now 12 lbs. lighter, my girl friend is 19 lbs. lighter and we could not be happier!
Results – 12 lbs in 90 days, and CONFIDENCE to share my story
~Eva B.


Dawj Transformation

“Eric has coached me through some of the toughest times. He continues to keep me motivated to push past my self made limits and create new ones. I really like how Eric keeps you on track with what he calls S.M.A.R.T. Goals to get your results. He sat down with me to discuss what I wanted and how I was going to get it, never faltering until I was able to lose a quarter of my body weight
Results – lost 48 lbs and 9 inches 
~Dawj S. (CEO and mother of 2)


ERIC is great, very knowledgeable. His drive to get you motivated is awesome. He has been able to help me in my own home via Skype. His ability to motivate through the computer is incredible! The things that Eric has taught me I will be sure to use for the rest of my life to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
Results lost 7 lbs in 35 days
~Monique L.


I was introduced to Eric by a mom friend after a few years of trying to shed those last few pounds after having three kids. I started working out with him twice a week in early 2013. My first focus was staying injury-free. After an ACL reconstruction and a bad back injury in the past few years, that is always my focus. Goal two was to work on my upper body due to a few black tie events and I wanted to rock my outfits. Lastly, we’re now working on mid-body/legs along with maintaining upper body strength. Let me tell you, it works. Eric works. He works hard at making sure you’re accountable, not only for your sessions, but also for your “off-day” workouts, and for your eating habits. Only a small percentage of progress can be made in two hours per week, and he helps give tips and encouragement to keep you motivated on the days you don’t see him. I enjoy running and take part in a few races each year. This spring I hadn’t run very much but was signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K, anticipating about a 10:00 pace. I didn’t realize what an impact Eric’s workouts would have on my endurance and I ended up running an 8:36 pace and was comfortable throughout the race. Amazing. Oh, I forgot the best part: he comes to my house, so I don’t have to commute!
Results 2.5 inches total, increased lean muscle mass and decrease in body fat.
~Joanne K.


Eric has GREAT energy, loves what he does and you can feel his passion! If you want to lose some weight he is your man!

Neena V.


Eric was the kick in the butt that my husband and I needed to start living better. We had become complacent and comfortable in our fast-food eating, couch potato world even though we desired to live healthier, stronger and longer.
Between staying connected with us during the week, accompanying us on a trip to the grocery store, and creating easy meal plans for us, Eric made healthy living more than just a goal for us; it became a way of life.

Chidori L.


Eric is an outstanding coach and pushes you to exceed your goals. He’s a good listener and mixes up the workouts so they are not routine and boring. He’ll get you to the next level. Definitely recommended.

Roger L.


“Eric Pelz is the BEST trainer you can have. He put me back on my feet. Last October I experienced sciatica and had constant pain. I got temporary relief by massage but knew I had to strengthen if I was ever going to resume my profession of haircutting.
Eric’s superior knowledge is what impressed me and the other trainers in my gym. Eric is more than a trainer and coach, he is a thoughtful team builder that truly wants you to succeed in your fitness goals and life goals. I network with Eric on all kinds of topics. He is a smart businessman.”

I am now using his Shakeology meal replacement for one meal a day and can feel those stubborn fat areas trimming down. I highly recommend Peltzfit to everyone!
Results – 12 lbs. countless compliments and no pain from profession!
~ Karen K.


“I have worked with five different personal trainers. I rank Eric Pelz as the best of the five and the one I choose to use currently. Eric comes to my home, on time for each scheduled appointment, no matter how cold or rainy it is outside. He adapts to my preferences, which allows me to work outside with him in the park on sunny, warmer days. He allows me to view his entire schedule online, months into the future, which allows me to schedule times that work for me and my busy work and vacation schedule.

In the past twelve months, I’ve lost 16 pounds and my waist size decreased by four inches. My doctor reports that my cholesterol has improved from my workouts with Eric. I’m now capable of doing 10 mile runs on my own. I receive compliments from my friends concerning my ongoing progress and I feel better than ever.

Eric customizes my plan to my needs for cardio, strength training, flexibility and stability. Eric has a unique ability to listen to my concerns and my moods. He creatively produces meaningful and relevant action plans and incentives that work for me. I value his personalized solutions and I appreciate the longer, healthier life he has enabled me to enjoy with my family.”
Results – lost 32 pounds and 5″ on waist.
~Keith C.


Eric works with us at our building and has been great to work with? He is magnificently devious in his workouts, persistent, and full of good cheer! With Eric’s expertise I have been reacquainted with muscles I thought long lost since I had the babies. You will be very happy you sign up with Eric!
Results (ongoing) – Lost 12 lbs. and 2″ on the waist
~Kathleen C.


“The best thing about working with Eric is his flexibility. For someone like me who is not naturally motivated to workout, Eric provided a perfect balance of support, while also pushing for results. In the beginning he really took the time to understand what I was seeking and the issues I had with past workout schedules. Eric bent over backward to develop a schedule that was perfect for me. Over the week his friendly demeanor and understanding nature were really important in keeping the workouts positive and helping me get the best results. He actually made working out fun and I looked forward to all our sessions. I won’t ever use another trainer.”
Results – lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks
~Parag S. – Graduate Student


Pelzfit is the BEST personal Training you can get in the city. I am an avid runner and I was hesitant to use a trainer at first but figured I would try having Eric Pelz help me improve my performance. Eric is an exceptional trainer that always keeps the sessions fun. I have not gained or lost any weight, but I came to him to improve my running form by strengthening my core. He has been able to get me to hold a Plank (on your elbows and toes) for 3:10 minutes from a dismal 45 seconds. My marathon running times have also improved, finally getting into the Boston Marathon after 10 years.

Some reasons why he is the BEST personal trainer in Chicago.

  • He is always willing to work with my schedule
  • He travels to you, but also has a gym if you like to switch it up
  • He is very knowledgable about fitness and core sprecifics
  • Eric knows how far to push you, and then just a little further before you want to give up.

I will continue to have Eric train me in the future.
Results – 6 lbs, 4 pack abs, 2.5″ on the waist
~Zach C.


“Working with Eric was so much fun! He kept me motivated through each and every repetition. I was referred to Eric by my friend Meghan and I am so glad I called him to get me to fit into my wedding dress. He knows is exactly how hard to push you and then he somehow pushes you right past that point while maintaining a smile the whole time.”
Results – lost 9 lbs in 8 weeks
~Kristina V. – Principal @ Kayvee Publicity


“Eric will make it his commitment to push you to achieve your goal. He will understand when life gets in the way but will never let you give up on the ultimate goal. Eric will always personalize your workouts to cater to your specific needs. Best of all Eric is very down to earth and extremely easy to talk to.”
Results – lost 30 lbs. in 9 weeks
~Meghan M. – Media Director

“I worked out with Eric for a year and he was great! He pushed and gave me encouragement, and he planned a great routine every week. My sessions with him made me feel as though I had accomplished something by the noticeable results of my stronger body. Eric made sure that I stayed in line with my goals, while monitoring my diet and activities. He was flexible with his schedule and understanding about any new circumstances that occurred. I would definitely recommend Eric as a personal trainer.”
Results – lost 1% body fat
~Linda W. – Senior Accountant


“I hired Eric when I was at the heaviest point in my life. I had been referred by a friend, and was told he was good, so I viewed hiring Eric as an investment in my future and health. It turned out to be one of, if not the best investment I have ever made. A few months later, 60 pounds lighter, and finally at my healthy weight after an adult life of being overweight, the facts of my weight loss really speak to Eric’s guidance and training. I couldn’t have done it without him, and he’s given me the tools and knowledge to keep my new healthy lifestyle on track.”
Results – lost 48 lbs in 16 weeks
~Josh T. – Web Developer


“Eric trained me and my husband for roughly 3 months to whip us into shape before our wedding. Without his help and determination I would not have had the body I wanted come wedding day! We met twice a week and would train for about an hour each time. He always came well prepared and would also provide additional information, i.e., print offs of exercises I was to complete on my own during our time off, nutritional information, stretches, etc. He also asked that I log my meals so that he would see what nutritional value I was getting in my diet. Eric was an exceptional trainer; we had fun during our workouts even though he kicked my butt! He constantly pushed me, which is exactly the type of motivation I need during workouts.”
Results – lost 7 lbs for wedding
~Sarah S. – Graduate Student


“Eric is THE BEST! I’ve worked with several trainers over the last 15 years and none compare to him. He’s knowledgeable, creative, and careful. I give him credit for keeping me upright and in good shape. Best of all, he varies the routines so our sessions are as stimulating as possible. Thank you Eric.”
Results – maintains healthy weight
~Burt R.

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