Quick blended snack that will put an end to your hunger!

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Quick blended snack

Today I was running a little behind on time and needed a quick blended snack that was going to give me energy for my soccer game but also not fill me up like I just ate dinner. I have the perfect choice for this that is called Shakeology.

Choco banana shake- ingredients

1 packet Chocolate Shakeology. Calories-140
1 cup fat free milk Calories-90
4 tbsp. Chocolate hemp protein. Calories-120
1/4 cup creek yogurt. Calories-70
1/2 banana. Calories-100

Total calories: 520.

If I am having this meal at 4pm I am trying to then have my main dinner at about 7:30 or 8pm. That way my metabolism will stay churning the whole entire day and I will be burning those calories the whole entire time. This shake is so easy to make and there are so many more the possibilities are endless.

This recipe is brought to you by Eric Pelz with Pelzfit. Enjoy this with friends after a great workout or just for a meal replacement if you feel this shake is to caloric. Let me know what you think of is and if you have not heard of is Shakeology be sure to comment or message me back and I will be sure to explain how you can get it shipped directly to your home.

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