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Physical Therapy Journey

Over the past few weeks, almost a month now I have been going to Physical Therapy and using the treatment method of ASTYM (Augmented Soft-Tissue Manipulation) for the Shoulder pain I have been having.  It all started from a skiing accident that happen in Steam Boat Springs, CO.  Some time before Christmas I went out to vista my buddy Alex and some friends to go skiing in the mountains.   It was last run and I was where I should not have been, the moguls.  I was starting to get tired and weak in the legs because I am in Insanity shape and not in skiing shape, anyways.

When I was on the last run I was not able to keep my balance very well and I fell face first, sorry no video, and landed with my left arm extended over head.    I knew immediately that this was going to affect my Insanity workouts.  All though I did not feel any pain right aways I believe that to be the instigator of the pain to come.   After returning home, back to Illinois, I was able to continue my Insnaity workouts but with some shoulder pain that I did not have before.  I faught through the pain only to realize it was worse then I thought.   I went to see and Orthopedic doctor and he diagnosed me with Tendinopothy(scar tissue built up between the joints) and I was off to see a Physical Therapist.

I started to see the PT twice a week with SOft tissue massage and flexibility and range of motion (ROM) type movements.   All though that was helping I was hoping to be a little more aggressive with the plan of recovery and the doctor recommended ASTYM and I was all for it.

What this is essentially is some manual pressure to provoke excess blood flow to the area to begin to heal faster.   I will go into more detail later.    I was very excited to start this new method as I am with all new methods of treatments or exercises.   Being a Chicago Personal Trainer, I am always open to try the latest greatest tools or methods.  I have received ASTYM 3 tim

es now and I have been very fortunate that it continues to work.   How thisworks is really very cool actually.

What is ASTYM: 

The treatments are performed with ergonomically designed tools to allow for rapid identification and effective treatment or the areas exhibiting texture changes associated with the soft tissue scar/fibrosis or Chronic Tendinopothy.




How does ASTYM work: 

Adhesions or Scar tissue can build up over the years and cause chronic pain or tenderness  during mobility.  The ASTYM system stimulates the breakdown of the this dysfunctional tissue and allows functional restoration to occur.  Scientific research, substantial clinical outcomes and clinical experiences indicate the following:

controlled microtraums initiates a local healing response that lead to resorption of the inappropriate fibrosis, in cases such as mine with Tendinopothy doses of controlled micro trauma then stimulate regeneration of affected tissue.

Tools such as these are used:

Some of the tools used with ASTYM

Existing collagen is the remolded and new collagen is influenced by a program of stretching, exercise, and functional activities.

What this all means is direct pressure with certain tools in the right spot, will breakdown and regenerate growth of new tissue.    Much like Charlie Sheen and WINNING I am HEALING!

If you have problems with Tendinosis, Tendinitis, Tendinopothy go see your local doctor and have him set you up with a Physical Therapist of his choosing and is covered under you medical plan, because it is expensive and start therapy today.

I go to Accelerated in Old Town of Chicago and highly recommend them.

I hope you read this carefully and stop training if you are injured and get help!


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