What your personal training clients will not tell you

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Have you ever been wondering what your personal training clients are thinking but not telling you?

I was working with my personal training client today as I was helping him with his superset of biceps and triceps I started to ask him if he is happy with the service I am providing him.  I want to know what my personal training clients are not telling me.  So, actually I didn’t just come right out and ask that it came up in a conversation I was having with him.   I was asking him what he thought of the Jessica  Marie’s CHEW nutrition services that he has been using for the past 6 months.  For all of you trainers out there you may be wondering what your clients are thinking but not telling you about your services.

My client has been able to lose more then 35 pounds since we started in 2011.   Now I know  that you think this is good and he is happy but what are you actual thoughts on how he feels about the services you have provided him.  I found that even though this particular personal training client is not that talkative about himself and how he feels, we are able to have great conversations and we are very sociable, but I have been wondering how he feels about the results he has gotten.   He has been able to explain to me with very little wording that he is happy with my personal training and knowledge that I have helped him with.

For my fellow personal trainers it is not always easy to figure out what your personal training client thinks about your service but I recently found out the best way to see if they like what they get!   If they continue to pay you, then they are HAPPY!  It really is that simple.   I have been wondering if I should send out surveys to see how they feel.  I try and send out referral emails from time to time to get referrals from my current or past clients, but I am done with that.   I know that if they continue to buy from me and not seek out other trianer’s then they are more then happy!

My personal training clients also tell me other great things also, for example.

When my client is excited about the body that they are getting from the personal trianing sessions some like to keep it to themselves, some like to flaunt it!  I have one client that started to where tank tops for her sessions because she is now feeling comfortable enough in them.  I have clients that have been able to lift their shirt up in front of me when they wipe the sweat of their brow.  I have clients tell me that because of me they have seen improvements at work because of adding exercise to their daily habits.   I get more Facebook posts from my clients the more they start to feel lighter.  It is those small things that a good trainer will notice to see if the client is happy with your services.

I also wanted to add, I am not saying do not get referrals, I am not saying do not reach out to see if they can share with others what they have accomplished.  I am simply saying that you, as a business owner, can easily over complicate things by creating a lot more work on your end when it really is as simple as this.   A happy “customer” is a “paying” customer following the simple model of K.I.S.S. and funny enough it was referred to in a speech by one of my brother in-laws in my wedding.    It simple means Keep It SImple Stupid, this is what business is all about!


p.s. If you like what you have read do not be afraid to show and share with the world!   

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