Why do personal trainers exist?

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Why do personal trainers exists

As a PT I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve asked me “What’s the point of a personal trainer? I’m the one who has to exercise so why would I pay you?” This is a question I’m happy to answer because the first step to benefit from personal training is to understand its role and value in your fitness program. Here’s the scoop: personal training is a tool that helps you safely achieve your optimum health and wellness in an efficient, enjoyable and cost-effective way.

To see how, let’s break that down and take a closer look:

  1. Personal training is a tool: You wouldn’t run in boots or bench press without a weight bar. Why? Because you need the right tools for exercise: that means equipment, apparel, nutrition, and expertise. This is the single most important thing PTs provide: knowledge and information to help you plan, execute and accomplish your fitness strategy!
  2. Safely: Exercise carries risk. You are deliberately challenging your muscles, demanding your nervous system adapt to new moves, putting pressure on bones, etc. Attacking exercise without appropriate information and guidance puts you at high risk of an injury which will knock your goals on their butt before you even get out of the blocks.
  3. Health: You want freedom from disease, injury, chronic pain, and lifestyle illnesses. This calls for knowledge and a systematic approach to fitness. Personal trainers work with you to create an integrated program that helps you reach your health goals and your fitness objectives.
  4. Wellness: Personal trainers provide insight and oversight. You’re running full-tilt, dealing with work, partners, kids, shopping, pets, mowing the lawn and a million and one things. PTs help you fit exercise into the picture, giving you the focus, energy and balance you need to amke working out a holistic part of your routine and a release from the stress of daily life.
  5. Efficient: Personal trainers help you work smarter and get results. You can spend hours bumbling around a gym on your own or you can use a PT to get the training and support that will fast-track you to where you want to be.
  6. Enjoyable: What can I say? Personal trainers are witty, charming, good-looking and great company! We also make exercise more enjoyable by keeping you informed, motivated, focused, and achieving results.
  7. Cost-effective: Time is money. Why waste it on workouts that don’t push you towards your goals? Personal training is an unbeatable investment in your long-term health and happiness.
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