P90X vs P90X2

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P90X2–It is almost HERE!

P90X vs P90X2

If you have been using P90X or even Power 90 then you should be pumped and ready for the sequel.   This is the sequel of P90X.  I have been using P90X and P90X 1:1 with Tony Horton for over year now and because of P90X I have been able to stay in tip top shape.  Tony Horton is the creator of the P90X DVD program and If you are as excited as I about seeing what the next P90X is all about then see how you can be the first to get your copy of P90X2.  Order it now and it is guaranteed to ship before Christmas!

Pre-order your copy of P90X2 today right here

If you are someone like me, who dislikes the gym for whatever reason; dirty equipment, wasting time and cooling down while waiting for someone to leave the machine you need, etc., you should really give P90X2 a try.  Don’t worry if you think it is too intense for you, IT IS NOT.  Tony Horton, the man behind it all, is helping you through each and every repetition with 4 different fitness levels at any one time and it also does all exercises with bands and/or weights so you do not need much equipment.

Don’t be one of the people that hesitated buying P90X, and pre-order your copy of P90X2 today.  With the help of a Coach or accountability partner, ME, I will personally keep you accountable for each and every workout and achieve the health goals you struggle with.  People of all ages, shapes, and sizes can do P90X.

Check out this video and see what it’s all about for your own eyes!

P90X2 Pre-order Video Link

Pre-order your copy of P90X2 today right here

So, what are you waiting for.  Get with the rest of the Beachbody Coaches and grab your pre order copy here!


Pre-order your copy of P90X2 today right here





P90X2 vs P90X? 3 main differences:

  • P90X2 does not have cardio DVDs
  • P90X2 has a yoga DVD but it drop from just under 1 ½ hours to just over an hour (65 mins)
  • The days have now decreased from 6 days a week to 5.  Everyone can use 2 Rest and Recovery days (take the rest and recovery formula)
  • P90X has 3 cardio DVDs included
  • P90X has one hour and half of Yoga
  • P90X consists of 6 days of workouts in a typical week.

What is that you are waiting for?

If all of this is not tempting enough you know can pre-order your copy of P90X2 now and receive free shipping.   That is right do not pay shipping if you are going to get it today.   If you are like me and can’t wait for the sequel to come out then order P90X2 and see what it is all about.   Be the first person to start.   I know the P90X will knock your sox off because Tony Horton pours his days and nights researching the most effective methods to improve health, flexibility and strength.

Be sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts on P90X2.   Visit my website to learn more Coach Pelz

Pre-order your copy of P90X2 today right here







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