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 Circuit Training – Such an effective yet quick workout.

Well after the bootcamp I taught I wanted to get a quick workout in.   So I decided to do one of my circuit workouts.  You can duplicate this circuit – and even add a fourth round – if you so desire.  The three rounds took about 18 minutes, no warm-up because of slight participation in Bootcamp!

This PelzFit circuit makes all your muscles work hard, including your heart.  You will complete 3 pass-throughs of the circuit, each one lasting a little bit longer. Between each circuit,rest for one minute.  Now the pint of the rest being that you worked so hard during the circuit that you can’t hardly breathe.

Exercise Round 1 Round 2 Round 3      
Agility Ladder fast hands plank (in the push up position you will walk your hands, one by one, in every square and back the other way) tighten core as you walk72 ladder rungs move the feet just as fast72 ladder rungs Make sure you are not resting between72 ladder rungs
Double Kettlebell Swings 36kg 40 reps 36kg 40 reps 36kg 40 reps
KB Heavy Rope Drag 3 x across room 50kg 3 x across room 50kg 3 x across room 50kg
Heavy Rope Swings Drumroll movement with hands30 seconds Hands together30 seconds Cirlces30 Seconds
Single Arm Chest Press (free cables) 25 reps 35 pounds 25 reps 35 pounds 25 reps 35 pounds
Jumping jacks 50 reps 50 reps 50 reps
Each round for time 5:18 5:30 5:15
If you have thought about working out and never know what to do, then it is time for a trainer.  Have a professional personal trainer develop a workout program for you, not only will he develop a great circuit like this one for quick workouts, but he will help with all the other essentials of your everyday struggles to get fit, lean, and healthy.
Talk with a trainer about how to stay motivated, what to where during specific workouts, what shoes are best for different types of workouts, why it is important to stay hydrated and so much more.

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