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Late last week I got in touch with a Matt Heller owner of The Green Gourmet Chicago.  This is a meal delivery service that is in the heart of Chicago.

I have been searching for a way for my busy clients to get healthy even though they do not have time to make their own food due to their busy work schedules or their traveling all the time.   When I got in touch with Matt Heller of The Green Gourmet Chicago he was very excited to team up with me to help deliver is very fast meals to the people of the Chicago area.

With most of my clients being the affluent of Chicago I know this meal service with line up with their needs perfectly.   Before I go in to more detail of Green Gourmet Chicago I wanted to tell you why PelzFit decided to look a company up with these services.   PelzFit has been training clients for over 1 year now and I want to be able to bring the best meal services to PelzFit.   With all of my current and a few of my past clients I have been struggling with what they are eating on their off days of me.   Or better yet just what they are eating in general.

The PelzFit clients can have a hard time deciding what a portion size is and with the introduction of The Green Gourmet Chicago into their diets they now can realize what portion control is.  Not to mention the 40/30/30 rule which consists of:

  • 40 percent carbohydrates
  • 30 percent protein
  • 30 percent fat.
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The Green Gourmet Chicago is a huge proponent of this program.    The best thing is they do all the math for you and the portion control and not to mention the cooking! Yeah that is right the cooking for you!   Not just one meal a day or even 3 square meals a day but they have 3 different programs to choose from and always taking feedback for more.

Meal programs available are:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks

Breakfast, Lunch and 2 snacks

Breakfast and Lunch

PelzFit  has recently started tasting and trying out this service to see if it will be a good fit for their clients.  I am very happy to say it is right on par with what I had in mind for the PelzFit clientele.  I am very excited to offer this service to the PelzFit population.

If you have questions or need some answers please contact me directly for answers and insight on how it has worked for me.

More posts to come about the taste and convenience tomorrow!

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