Meal Delivery Service – Day 1

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Day one of the meals delivered to my front door.  WOW all I do is wake up and at my front door is 5 meals waiting to be eaten to improve my Health!  AWESOME!

What more do you need for a clean living  lifestyle then delicious meals prepared for you on a daily basis and a daily workout regime.   Well for sometime now PelzFit has only been able to give you the daily workout routines but not for long, PelzFit has teamed up with The Green Gourmet Chicago  a meal delivery service that will deliver to your front door a cooler filled with up to 5 meals for that day.

I have personally given this a try now for 4 days and I would have to say I was very skeptical that it was going to be good after it sits all day for that dinner or lunch, but as it turns out it is very tasty and it does not take long to heat up.   For the first day’s menu it looked like this.

Monday 4/9 

Breakfast:  Breakfast scramble with Turkey Sausage Patties

A.M. Snack: Cranberry Almond Muffin

Lunch: Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

P.M. Snack: Lemon Cookies

Dinner: Garlic Orange Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes Wedges

This was Day one of the Meal Delivery Service of The Green Gourmet Chicago.    I want to Thank Matt Heller and his team of a nutritionist, Chef, and delivery service that provides such a stellar service.   Matt and his team continue to update and take feedback on every single one of their meals to insure the best meals possible to each and every client.   As I do the same for my PelzFit clients.


The Breakfast was very easy to eat with no added ketchup or salsa needed.   The sausage was also very tasty all though their could have been more of them, that is the beauty of the meal service, it gives you the proper portion so you do not have to figure out what it is on your own.   More liked forced to eat for one person and one person only.

Both snacks were very quick to eat a provided a quick source of energy to push through to the following meal.  The beauty of the snacks is that one is normally savory and the other sweat.   That is a very good mix.   I was delighted to see such effort put into the snacks.  For example the a.m. snack was a cranberry muffin but then added some Almond slivers in for a bonus and possibly had to do with filling you up as well.

The Dinner for this day had some good variety as well.   It was not just plain Chicken and potatoes.  The chef prepared some garlic orange chicken and then some sweet potato wedges.   Not your typical at home dinner but for those looking for some variety and still get the nutrition this company, The Green gourmet Chicago, has it figured out.

Sundried Tomato TortillaFind out how you can get started with your meals today!   Contact  me below.

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