INSANITY Max Intervals, done in the comfort of your own home

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In the past few months I have been doing more and more workouts at home and I have recently came across the best set of DVD workouts called INSANITY.  You can play them on your own TV or laptop. Great for executives on the go, busy moms at home, or tired of crowded gym college students.  This workout is from the makers of P90X, TurboFire, ChaleanExtreme, and many many more just like it. I just got done doing the Insanity Max Intervals workout and it kicks my rear every single time. This is a shorten version of the 60 minute workout it is designed for. I performed the whole 60 minutes with warm-up and cool down as the video says to do I just left that part out. I hope you enjoy the video of me and please feel free to post any funny or serious comment you have. I will be sure to keep on posting more videos both here on my blog as well as on my websites.

INSANITY Max Intervals

You think you have what it takes???

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