1 incredible way on how to prevent running injuries

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How to Prevent Running Injuries

This is Friday and it is cardio day.  I was recently told about a program for runners that will undoubtedly be taken over very very quickly.   I mean this program is going to be unstoppable for some many ways.   How many of you out there are runners?  I have 2 marathons, 8 half marathons, 1 sprint triathlon, countless 5, 8, 10Ks, and even an adventure race under my belt and I do not plan to stop there.  I know that I will be running for the rest of my life because it is so healthy for me.

Now being that i know how good it is for me to get out and get moving I also understand what it means to stretch.  I know what you are thinking I thought this will be about cardio and not stretching…well it is, but know that when you start to run you also must begin and continue to stretch so as to stave off injury.   I began todays entry by talking about a program that is getting popular in the Chicago area call ChiRunning.   Well this is not “Chi” short for Chicago, this is “Chi” for Tai Chi”  this is the ancient Chinese art form.

Tai Chi –  is a type of internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.  Specifically

Chi (pronounced chee and also spelled qi or ch’i) is energy – the life giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit.  A concept that has its origins in early Chinese philosophy, chi has been likened to the yogic concept of prana and  could also be thought of as life force

Wow “Life force” that is powerful.   What program out there talks about life force like Chi Running does.  It is a plan that helps beginner runners, fitness runners, athletes, or injured runners.  Chi Running be specific for any runners.   It is much more complicated to explain in one blog but you can learn it either for your own purpose or so you can teach it.   If you find yourself with poor running form this can be causing you pain in areas that you are not sure way.  Form can be the hindrance of tight muscles.  Your form is one of the more serious things to consider when running.

Chi running will help teach you relaxation tips to practice while running.  This may be as simple as repeating a mantra to relax the shoulders.  This will help drop your shoulders and pull them back, which will then help fix your posture so you have more lung capacity and stronger core.  This is just one of the things that Chi Running will help you succeed.

Pelzfit is here to help you with your cardio plans.  Be sure to contact me below to learn more about Chi Running, but more importantly for me to start helping you today with you own cardio plan.  Pelzfit can set up  a 5K plan all the way up the a marathon plan.   Get your plan and go learn how to start up Chi Running in your area today.

Hit the Road!

Go hit that pavement but hit it with proper form to stave injury!


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