How to Get Fit and Have a Blast !!

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How to Get Fit and Have a Blast

Today I was talking to one of my boys, Marvin  form Semper Fit in Dyer, Indiana today and asked him about what is new with the fitness world.  He always keeps up on what the latest and greatest craze of a fitness freak.  He was telling me that he started to paddle board on Lake Michigan this summer.  All though I have not been able to try it myself I may have to give the “fitness boarding” a go-round.  I can always you a different way to stay in shape.     Now, for those of you that don’t know what this is I am here to tell you it looks like a blast.  Visit Paddle Boarding to find out more specifics.

If you are looking for an awesome, fun, wet, tiring, and core trembling (literally) experience then you have to check out paddle boarding before the summer ends.  Just look at these pictures and tell me what you think.   Comment below

If you find something better be sure to let me know and I will feature it on my next blog!

I will have more input next week when I give it a try myself.


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