How Pelzfit and Thai Massage can help you.

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thai Massage 2Thai Massage is all that and a bag of chips.

I met Bill Pavelec from Happy Body Wellness LLC about 5 years ago and, he told me I should look up Chuck Duff at Thai Bodywork School.  I was a bit surprised why a personal trainer with at least 25 years of experience would also want to do Thai massage as well, but now I get it.

This past weekend Pelzfit went on a little mission to learn something new!  I signed up to start my training with the art of massage that is thousands of years old but works hand in hand with trigger points and their referral patterns.    You may not know exactly what that means but you will after reading this.   I took a 19 hour curriculum over a weekend to learn the Level 1 Fundamentals of Thai massage.

This experience was everything I hoped for and so much more.  What I wanted to get out of the course was the ability to massage someone and make them feel good and bring another new and well needed service to my clients.  I was hoping to learn more about muscles under tension and what roles they play in the body.    What I got out of it was all that plus much more!

I was able to learn about the history of the Thai massage and the origins of Chuck skills, I also learned why and how he adapted it to his own body and then eventually into the practice he has today.  Chuck has been studying the Thai’s fundamentals for over two decades and enjoys sharing his findings with others so they can help heal the body with movement instead of medications.

This weekend taught me about the use of Thai massage and why you use certain movements over others.    I met 8 great people that were very easy to talk with and very open to the practice of healing bodies with movement and touch.   The instructors, Krista, Doug and Chuck did a marvelous job giving us hands on training and allowing us to work on their bodies.

Thai Massage: how is it different from other styles or techniques you may be more familiar to:

Thai Massage:

Thai massage works your entire body.  It’s one of the most invigorating types of massages as the therapist rigorously manipulates your body, moving it into yoga-like stretches.   The therapist uses every part of his or her body—hands, knees, forearms, legs, and feet—to not only stretch you but also apply pressure on your muscles and loosen your joints.  You might even get walked on!  This type of massage is both energizing and relaxing at the same time.

Thai Massage 1Swedish Massage vs. Thai Massage

This is your typical kneading of the clients skin with the masseuse’s thumbs, finger tips and palms to give the release of tension in the muscles with no real knowledge of why work in a certain area or not.   Thai uses the same hands, but also all other parts of the body and different angles and forces to get, deeper and more concentrated release in the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage vs. Thai Massage

Hot stone massage is what it says.   The masseuse will heat stones to a temperature that is bearable to your skin, place the stones on our body and then massage your body with them.   Thai has an element with a heated herbal compress ball with over 200 herbs in it which the masseuse will use as a compress to their massage techniques.

Reflexology vs. Thai Massage

Reflexology is specific to the foot whereas the Thai will work the whole body!   Thai also works the feet and can be as in-depth as the reflexology can be if it is warranted.    Both use very accent arts to follow certain meridians of the foot.

Deep Tissue/Sport Massage vs. Thai Massage

This is again exactly what it sounds like, the masseuse will use their knuckles or elbows to reach and press deep into the muscle tissue to release all the tension in the muscle.  This is often very painful to the body and can cause lots of bruises.    The Thai Massage will also get deep into certain muscles if the thai therapist knows more about that specific area’s trigger points and will release the tension with minimal pain and much less intrusive techniques that you will be blown away by!

Typical Spa Massage vs. Thai Massage

This is often a soft quiet setting, same as Thai, performed with gentle music or a pleasant aroma to relax the body even more and is done to the whole body in a more relaxed very peaceful experience on a table and usually done naked or as bare skinned as possible.  Thai is very similar in most ways except mostly done fully clothed and also traditionally on a mat (when at all possible).

How Pelzfit can help you relieve stress, tension and overall aches and pains.

Thai massage can be used to eliminate many problems that are caused by tight muscles or “trigger points” to be specific.  According to the “Trigger Point Therapy Workbook 3rd Edition” by Clair and Amber Davies “trigger points are known to cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, and many kinds of joint pain mistakenly ascribed to arthritis, tendinitis, tendinosis, bursitis, or ligament injury. Trigger points cause problems as diverse as  earaches, dizziness, nausea, heartburn, false heart pain, heart arrhythmia, tennis elbow, and genital pain.  Trigger points can also cause colic in babies and bed wetting in older children, and may be a contributing cause of scoliosis.  They can also cause sinus pain and congestion.”

The Thai Bodywork School of Massage has specifically developed a program to use the trigger point system to relieve the tension in specific areas of the body and as a result will eliminate the underlying problem that your body is having.    The clinical work that is taught at this school is remarkable as this type of training is not taught anywhere else.

I hope to be able to help my clients and many more people with this new found knowledge of Thai Massage.

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