Home Workouts May Be For You

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Home Workouts May Be For You

For many people, finding time for fitness is a struggle.  Our lives get busier each year.  We have kids pulling on our legs 24/7, we work what feels like all day, we have to keep the house clean, we have to run errands, … okay, you get the point.  35% of Americans have found that at home workouts are the best way to fit fitness into your busy life!  Why should you join them?

It takes the average person about 90 minutes to travel to the gym, workout, and drive home.  There are many great workouts available at home that you can do in under 30 minutes!  Doesn’t it make since that you would be more likely to fit a workout routine into your schedule that was only 30 minutes instead of 90 minute?  The gym can sound like a great idea, but even the most motivated person can’t make it work if you don’t have time.  Are you wondering if gym workouts and exercise routines at home are equally effective?

My personal opinion is drop the membership unless you are a training for a competition like Bodybuilding or a Physique show.  The gym wants to only take your money and most will not care about your results.   Use the home workouts to increase your accountability and frequency of your workouts.   Heck invite a friend or two over and workout together.

In these economic times, we all like to save money!  The local fitness center will cost you anywhere between $20 for the discount gym to $120 per month for the luxury athletic center.  What makes this expense even worse is when you don’t use the gym membership!  You will spend little to nothing working out at home. There are a bunch of fitness programs at home that require no equipment! (Not sure which ones would fit your needs just visit HERE) Others only require dumbbells that you can buy for the price of one month at the gym.  What kind of workouts can you do without weights or only dumbbells?

Many people are surprised at the varieties of workout available to those exercising at home.  You can do weight loss workouts, six pack ab workouts, ultimate warrior advance high intensity, plyometric, senior, rehab, beginner, workouts for men, workouts for women, kettlebell, strength training, and sports performance workouts just to name a few.  I honestly feel like there is a larger variety of fitness exercises that you can do at home then in the gym!

In the end, only you can decide if working out at home is right for you.  If you are someone who has difficulty finding time to exercise then exercising at home may be a great way for you to shave an hour off your workout.  Do not be worried about a decrease in effectives by doing your workout at home either, fitness professionals agree that it is equally effective as long as you’re breaking a sweat.  Saving money is reason enough for many to quit the gym.  Try a variety of exercise methods at home for a few weeks and see if you’re ready to join the home workout crowd like ME.

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