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Healthy lunch option you can whip up 5 minutes or less.

I know I have not been around for the past few weeks but with business, especially the chicago fitness business, there are always ups and downs.   Last month I had one of my most profitable months as a trainer yet.  But when it comes to the summer months you would think that trainers get completely over booked, but for me I have not been able to fill my schedule like that.  I know that with the help of the Pelzfit blog and my clients, my friends, and my networks I will be able to change all that very soon.  I will try to bring a new tip, a new way of working out, healthy snack options, nutritious meals, tough workouts, healthy advice and possible business advice to the Pelzfit blog as often as I can.   Tonight I want to bring you a very healthy five minute lunch that I was able to whip up in 5 minutes today and also very healthy.

Sun-dried Tomato Wrap

Sundried Tomato Tortilla

2 Sun-dried tomato tortillas
1 tomato
feta cheese crumbles
3 chicken tenderloins
grapes & a kiwi

Place chicken, tomato, feta, and lettuce on tortilla.  Wrap the tortilla in a tight roll and place upside down on a pan in a broiler or toaster oven for 4 minutes.   Tortilla will be crispy and delicious.   Eat and Enjoy

I was able to put this simple but very healthy meal together in less than 10 minutes.   This is a quick and easy lunch time meal that will give you fiber, protein, and carbs with a lot a bright colors to brighten up the mood.   Next time you are sitting down and want to make some small snack don’t just reach for a bag of chips and sit on your but vegging on your couch watching re-runs of Seinfeld.   Make a wrap with a corn or flour tortilla and broil it and tadda you got your self a lunch made in 10 minutes of less.

What is your go to lunch that is healthy and quick to throw together?  Leave it in the comments below and who knows I may see your snack on the Pelzfit blog.

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