How to make a Go To Shake

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This is the most simple way to make a meal by far.  I have been an Independent Team Beachbody coach for over 6 months and the best thing I got from Beachbody Products, besides workouts like P90X, INSANITY, and Turbofire, I was introduced to Shakeology.

This product is the BOMB the “Go To Shake“!   I find myself making a shakeology once a day and even crave more by the end of that day and have to resist the urge to make another for dessert.  It is amazing that their could be over 70 ingredients in these shakes and taste as good as they do.

This is Choconana- One of my faves!

Click picture for link to the Pelzfit site

Click picture for link to the Pelzfit site

This is one of my younger clients!  Kristina is not only getting a great workout with Pelzfit with the TRX but she has also been able to lose 8 pounds, just by listening to my advice.   She realizes with a lot of hard work and persistence she will be able to squeeze right on into the wedding dress come Fall.   Looking Great KV keep up the hard work!

Click picture for link to the Pelzfit site

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