It is time to get that sexy summer shape!

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Summer’s coming and you want to look your best and feel your best. So fine-tune your body with the Shakeology three-day cleanse to drop those last few pounds, gain definition, tone and energy that will send you flying into summer fun.

Shakeology shakes pack a superfood nutritional punch into every glass. Unlike crash diets or sugary “diet” drinks they provide optimum nutrition in a delicious, nutrient dense shake to support your health and fitness while helping you cut out excess fat and calories.

The three day cleanse is simple and doesn’t require a lot of fuss. You start the day with a cup of refreshing, antioxidant-rich green tea. Then you enjoy a Shakeology shake. You have two more shakes during the day, a salad for dinner with lean white protein (e.g. poultry or fish), and the option to eat one or two pieces of fruit. You only need the fruit if you’re already super-fit or need the additional energy for intense workouts.

Otherwise, enjoy a three-day break from grocery shopping, snacking, and cooking, and soak up the nutrients and energy in your Shakeology drinks. There are lots of great flavors to choose from: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry and chocolate vegan, so you can enjoy real variety.

Personally, I like to keep all the flavors on hand and mix them up according to my appetite. A creamy vanilla shake makes a delicious breakfast, while greenberry is refreshing for midday or after your workout. The chocolate or chocolate vegan will satisfy your sweet-tooth.

The Shakeology three-day cleanse is effective because you’re not just cutting down calories but you are also pumping your body full of incredible nutrients. It contains a unique blend of proteins from sources like quinoa, flax, chia and amaranth to support muscle repair and growth, and cut cravings. The antioxidant ingredients include camu-camu, acai, green tea and goji berry and help fight inflammation in your body and support a healthy heart. It also contains a proprietary blend of phytonutrients drawn from sources including chlorella, spirulina and kamut grass that help detoxify and alkalize. Not least, it contains adaptogen ingredients to help you fight stress and protect your immune and indocrine system; as well as pre-and probiotics for digestive health and nutrient absorption.

It would cost you a small fortune – not to mention take hours of shopping – to get all these ingredients together on your own. Shakeology provides them all for just a few dollars a day. Try the Shakeology three-day cleanse and see the transformation!

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