Free Fitness Friday

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Free Fitness Friday

Hello to all PelzFit followers!  I have been wanting to put together a special like this for sometime now and what better time then Free Fitness Friday!  As it turns out today was not the best day to offer Free Fitness as it is snowing like crazy here in Chicago but that does not mean that is will be like this next week when Free Fitness Friday begins.

What is the SPECIAL you ask?  Well, PelzFit is giving away personal training service for free to anyone in the Chicago area that can work with my schedule from February 13-17th.  Now for some odd reason, this coming week is not very busy and I have a lot of free spots and I need to fill them.   I would like this special to be used by anyone that is new to Pelzfit and has the ability to fitness train in 4 different ways.   Training can be down in your home, in a gym, in my home, or with friends in all those places.   This is an unbelievable deal that will just be going on until Feb 17.  I want to make one thing clear if you have ever wondered why personal trainers exist well wonder no more and try PelzFit out!  Call me and see what I can do for you.  There are 2 reasons why PelzFit came up with this idea.

1) My brother in-law said it would be a great way to get in front of more people.

2) I want to show everyone how having a personal trainer can be so effective for a 120% maximal workout


I want to help you, in any way shape or form, learn what a personal trainer can do for you on Free Fitness Friday in the 3 week of February.  I will push you in ways you personally can’t do yourself and do it safely!

Call me 217.621.9436 or click schedule to choose your time and date right now.


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