Float Meditation: helpful or not?

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Where can you Float Mediate in Chicago?

The answer is many places actually!   But first let me tell you why I wanted to try this and how I came about learning I could even do such a thing.   Those of you following me know that I have started to meditate ever since Christmas when my lovely bride gifted me 1 year subscription to HEADSPACE.  Well it was from headspace and then also Tim Ferriss Podcast that I learned about being able to meditate while floating.   I was instantly hooked on the idea of floating in a pool and just being.   Like how cool would this be.  Seriously.

What is float meditation?

Floating is a form of sensory deprivation, developed in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly, in partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Lilly was interested in studying the origin of consciousness and its relation to the brain, but through experiments, scientists discovered that the float tank could induce a relaxed state, which was (surprisingly) not unpleasant, but in fact, quite healing.

The original design was called the Lilly Tank and has since been improved from an upright completely submerged client to a horizontal and completing floating client.  This gives the feeling of weightlessness (quite remarkable).   They are allowed to float by using a high concentration of Epsom Salt inside the tank.

What are the benefits of float meditation?

◊ Relieves stress ◊

◊ Achieve deep meditation quicker ◊

◊ Weightlessness ◊

◊ Relieves pains ◊

◊ Relieves aches ◊

Where are float meditation services in Chicago?

FLOAT SIXTY – Chicago’s Modern Floatation Center
Lower Level, 303 W Erie St · (844) 356-2860
2526 N Lincoln Ave · (773) 472-2700
Surrounding Suburbs
Anicca Float Club | Floatation Therapy, Sensory Deprivation and Relaxation Spa in Naperville, IL
4S100 N IL-59, Suite 6/7 · (630) 854-7385
Bana Salon | Floatation Therapy
5627 N. Central Ave.  · (773) 631-1200
(This is where I chose to float)

My experience with float meditation?

I was very excited to try this type of meditation out simply because it sounds so relaxing and peaceful.  Now keep in mind I had no idea what to expect as I purely thought I would float somehow, miraculously, in a pool like at a YMCA.   I didn’t really put much thought into how I would float but non-the-less float.   As it turns out I was wrong in about every level.   I would first show up at a Beauty Salon.  The Bana Salon is what you would call a hair salon with additional services (such as Massage, and float therapy).  It was a very simple process from start to finish, I told them I would like to try float meditation and they escorted me to basement where they had two rooms to float in.

Float Meditation tank

Once I was given my room they had me read a few simple directions and start my float meditation, they then told me they would come get me when 60 minutes was up.   So I figured okay let’s give this a shot!

Directions were as follows:

  1. Take shower
  2. Insert ear plugs before entering float
  3. Enter float, lie down and close eyes
  4. Close the door of float tank to cut out any light
  5. When you here a knock on room door your time is up
  6. Exit tank, slowly sit up as to not get dizzy
  7. Take another shower to rinse off salt
  8. Dress

Things that would have been nice to know before starting to float:

  1. DO NOT have open cuts to body
  2. DO NOT shave your head the day before floating (Causes dull pain sensation throughout head)
  3. Have a timer go off that is set to music for 60 minutes instead of knock
  4. It was going to be DARK (Just a good mental note to know)

The experience while floating.

I first laid in the Lilly Tank and wondered well “how am I going to float there is only like 10″ of water in here” But as soon as I laid down in the water I began to float, WOW that is cool.     To be honest though it is a very strange feeling to comprehend if not even to fully wrap your head around.   Have you ever floated in a pool just by yourself, not the ocean or lake, but a pool?  The reason I ask is because you feel like you are floating away until you touch the side, right?  So i am laying in the tank with 10″ of water it measures roughly 3.5 feet x 7 feet and from time to time you will touch the side and it brings your state of mind back to the idea of where you are.

Now without that feeling the float meditation was scary and wonderful all in the same moment.   I felt like I was drifting away in space like George Clooney in Gravity.  It was like I was just in the air at certain points.  Like I had no shackles and when you have no restrictions on you feel powerful, unstoppable or even unflappable.   That is a very good way to describe mediation as you dive into your own mind to discover what your are capable of without limits.    This type of euphoric feeling will give you such joy, but at the same time it will scare you, well at least it did me.   I have a feeling it is like the elephant in the circus when it is a baby it is attached to a heavy chain with no movement as it grows the chain turns to rope and gets looser, then by the time it is full grown it thinks it is attached still and just refuses to leave.  Now in my experience, it is very similar to that as you feel like nothing is stopping you but you somehow still can’t reach as far as you want to.

When you float like this it helps put into persepective how busy your mind can be, luckily I have been using Headspace app for a couple months previous to trying this out which allowed me to have more of a handle on my mindfulness.    It was a great experience that I recommend to anyone to try it at least once, I mean the only harmful thing it can do is waste 60 minutes of your life.    But in reality it will allow you to shut the world’s distractions out like the cell phone, the calls, the emails, the noises, the toxins, just live in blissful silence for 60 minutes.

I would love for you to try this and tell me how you liked it?  Feel free to follow me on if you post about your float use the #PelzfitFloats

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Floating Can Help Reduce StressFloat therapy has been proven to reduce stress and really clear your mind, man.

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