You want results, then just try! What do you have to lose? Take this Fitness Challenge in Chicago

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I’m asking for 5 PEOPLE to make the commitment with me! This is a 90 Day Challenge involving one of these P90X, Insnaity, Power 90, 10 Minute Trainer, Chalean Extreem, Insanity Asylum, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Abs, Rev Abs, and a few more to boot!! Plus nutrition!  Message Me to see how you can be PICKED!

Who can do this:  Anyone, but you need to be SERIOUS about WANTING a change for the better.

Fitness Challenge in Chicago

When: STARTS February 6th
WHY:  Because WE WANT TO!!

Cost:  $205-FREE (Includes your Fitness Program of choice, 30 Day supply Shakeology on HD, Free coach support meal planning)  This is an UNBELIEVABLE deal!

What is your Goal?? More Energy? Weight Loss? Better Habits? Accountability?  Show your friends a NEW YOU and COMMIT to CHANGE!!  Be the person you know you can be by signing up with me today so I can get you there, even during the holidays you CAN lose weight.

30, 60, or 90 Day Challenge will include:

*Working out everyday you are planned to (designed by program)
*1 Shake a day!!
*Accountable towards the 5 others in the Facebook Goroup
*Accountability from ME
*Before and After pictures!
*Daily checkins to stay FOCUSED

You will be taking 1 Shakeology a day if you are not already!! This is an Incredible Health Drink that will INCREASE your ENERGY, DROP your Cravings and help you LOSE WEIGHT!!!  This has helped my wife and I both have massive amounts of energy throughout the day and into the night.

You can SIGN UP by clicking JOIN!

I am FOCUSED and DRIVEN to make a CHANGE in my LIFE now it is time for YOU to do the SAME!!   WOO HOO!




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