The importance of Corporate Wellness is in the eyes of the employees. What Pelzfit will bring to your corporate office will change the life of your employees to not only better themselves in a physical and mental well, but will reap rewards on your corporate office moral and confidence. When people in general start to workout and change those unhealthy habits to good ones they start to feel more energized, focused, and determined to create something better. These same things start to happen when you give an office, corporation, business an Employee Wellness Program.

The Pelzfit Business Wellness Program is designed to get your staff moving again. It is designed to educate the staff on healthy choices they can make for lunch or dinner out to ways they can stretch and workout at their own desk.

By adding the Pelzfit Coporate Wellness Program to your business you will be getting a variety of benefits.

  • Improved work relations between co-workers
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase in overall company moral
  • Increase in creativity
  • Decrease in Employee health claims
  • Decrease in injuries
  • Decrease in Company health insurance claims
  • Added bonuses can be as simple as improved happiness, self-worth, mood, and overall well being for not only the employee but als
  • their families

These are only a few benefits from adding a corporate wellness program to your corporation’s business plan. The Pelzfit Coporate Wellness Program has several parts to it.

Pelzfit Business Wellness Program includes:

  • Weekly boot camp workouts: Morning, Afternoon, or Evening
  • Daily Motivation from a Pelzfit Trainer via text, email, phone, or social media
  • Private Social Media Group
  • Monthly Learn and Burn sessions: Health presentation followed by a simple workout

Additional features that can be purchased:

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Supplemental fitness programs
  • Supplemental fitness vacation programs**
  • Monthly shopping trips per employee
  • Additional DVD fitness programs


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