5 Ways to drink more water

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Drink more water, 5 ways to do it. As a personal trainer and a beachbody coach I'm talking about the importance of water almost every day.   Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can drink more water ...

Several benefits to superfood Camu Camu

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Superfood camu camu fruit contains many nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, fatty acids, protein, and others. It also contains other chemicals that might have an effect on the body. Camu camu ...

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What are 10 great every day foods?

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The diet industry has it all wrong. Health is about what you do eat: Not what you don’t! Not to mention that it is a lot more ...

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Protein packed cookie dough bars

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RECIPE:  Protein packed chickpea chocolate chip "cookie dough" bars! *vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free Here’s what you’ll need: 8×8 baking pan or round pie pan, food process or vitamix high speed blender 1 can of garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas. (YES, this is ...

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Free Fitness Friday

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Free Fitness Friday Hello to all PelzFit followers!  I have been wanting to put together a special like this for sometime now and what better time then Free Fitness Friday!  As it turns out today was not the best ...

You want results, then just try! What do you have to lose? Take this Fitness Challenge in Chicago

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I'm asking for 5 PEOPLE to make the commitment with me! This is a 90 Day Challenge involving one of these P90X, Insnaity, Power 90, 10 Minute Trainer, ...

Winter Fest

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PelzFit is out celebrating again and this time it will be at Deuces and Diamond Club in Wrigleyville. Winter Fest - Come support PelzFit!  

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Learn about the best meal of the day

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Dr. William Wheeler, Ph.D speaks about Shakeology and now you can Learn about the best meal of the day!!   A Little Info On Dr. Wheeler: William E. Wheeler, Ph.D., ACSM is the senior author of ...

Colors in your food palette?

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WHY YOU NEED COLORS IN YOUR FOOD PALETTE ? What do you notice about this plate?  DO you see the colors that are ...

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