The right cardio exercise benefits

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We’ve all seen folks in the gym sitting on the exercise bike leafing through a magazine; or ambling on treadmill while they ogle their iPad. They’ve taken the essential first ...

You want results, then just try! What do you have to lose? Take this Fitness Challenge in Chicago

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I'm asking for 5 PEOPLE to make the commitment with me! This is a 90 Day Challenge involving one of these P90X, Insnaity, Power 90, 10 Minute Trainer, ...

Get up or die trying

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Are you one of those people who when you are faced with a challenge you curl up and ask the nearest person to help?  Or are you the one that says challenge, give me a break, and busts through that ...

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How to Get Fit and Have a Blast !!

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How to Get Fit and Have a Blast Today I was talking to one of my boys, Marvin  form Semper Fit in Dyer, Indiana today and asked him about what is new with the fitness world.  He always keeps up ...

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Right Time To Start Workout

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Right Time To Start Workout So everyone has woken up out of bed later then they would have liked, right?  How about hit the snooze button one more time then usual.  Or stayed up way to late doing who knows what ...

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How to make a Go To Shake

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This is the most simple way to make a meal by far.  I have been an Independent Team Beachbody coach for over 6 months and the best thing I got from Beachbody Products, besides workouts like P90X, INSANITY, and Turbofire, ...

Healthy five minute lunch

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Healthy lunch option you can whip up 5 minutes or less. I know I have not been around for the past few weeks but with business, especially the chicago fitness business, there are always ups and downs.   Last month I ...

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INSANITY Max Intervals, done in the comfort of your own home

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In the past few months I have been doing more and more workouts at home and I have recently came across the best set of DVD workouts called INSANITY.  You can ...

Quick blended snack that will put an end to your hunger!

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Quick blended snack Today I was running a little behind on time and needed a quick blended snack that was going to give me energy for my soccer game but also not fill me up like I just ate dinner. I ...

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