When you are curious what a Beachbody Coach does.

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When you are curious what a Beachbody Coach does you ask questions. This is your chance to pick the brains of someone that is helping people to live healthy and fulfilling lives.   As a coach you have one mission and ...

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5 Ways to drink more water

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Drink more water, 5 ways to do it. As a personal trainer and a beachbody coach I'm talking about the importance of water almost every day.   Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can drink more water ...

Emotional Eating

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How To Handle Emotional Eating Emotional eating means turning to food based on how you feel, mostly for comfort unfortunately not because you are hungry.   That bag of

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The Silent Killer – Sugar

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Sugar will be the death to us all This is something that I need to be very cognizant of in the next few years!   I have been doing more and more research ...

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Burpee, the best exercise to do for overall body engagement

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Want the best exercise for overall body engagement? I’ve got one word for you: burpee. I’ve written about the little exercise with the funny name before and there’s a reason ...

Train your brain to wake up earlier.

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                Try to get up 2 minutes earlier every day! Small habits become substantial habits over time. Believe it or not, finding more time in your day begins with a small, simple ...

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Four ideas you can utilize to motivate your workouts

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The hardest thing about working out isn’t knowing what to do. It’s doing it. Staying motivated is a day-by-day challenge but the good news is that habits are self-reinforcing. Once you ...

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Three pieces of home exercise equipment that you should use

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A couple of weeks ago I shared five body-weight exercises that you can do anywhere. If you got started you should already be feeling and seeing the benefit of these ...

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It is time to get that sexy summer shape!

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Summer’s coming and you want to look your best and feel your best. So fine-tune your body with the Shakeology three-day cleanse to drop those last few pounds, gain ...

The right cardio exercise benefits

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We’ve all seen folks in the gym sitting on the exercise bike leafing through a magazine; or ambling on treadmill while they ogle their iPad. They’ve taken the essential first ...



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