Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday Deals Starts - November 25th 7PM CST until Tuesday December 2nd at 7PM CST.  **View Pictures of items click above** INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Vol. 1 THE ...

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The right cardio exercise benefits

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We’ve all seen folks in the gym sitting on the exercise bike leafing through a magazine; or ambling on treadmill while they ogle their iPad. They’ve taken the essential first ...

Body weight exercises you can do anywhere

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In a perfect world there would be plenty of time to work out at the gym, or with a trainer. But let’s face it: life gets in the way. That’s no excuse for giving up on your fitness goals, though. Happily ...

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Is High Intensity Interval Training HIIT Good or Bad?

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High intensity interval training (HIIT) sounds hard doesn’t it? Like something soldiers would do in basic training, or astronauts would do when they were preparing for ...

How can personal trainers be affordable?

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Personal training isn’t just for celebrities. Despite all the magazines with ‘celebrity trainers’ most personal trainers provide affordable personal training to ordinary, down-to-earth people who have jobs and kids ...

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What is the best exercise for the busy professional?

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You are a busy professional and you want to get fit and strong but dammit, you just don’t have time. Sound familiar? I meet so many busy professionals who know they need ...

Why do personal trainers exist?

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As a PT I've lost count of the number of people who've asked me "What's the point of a personal trainer? I'm the one who has to exercise ...

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Free Fitness Friday

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Free Fitness Friday Hello to all PelzFit followers!  I have been wanting to put together a special like this for sometime now and what better time then Free Fitness Friday!  As it turns out today was not the best ...



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