How can personal trainers be affordable?

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Personal Trainers Investment

Personal training isn’t just for celebrities. Despite all the magazines with ‘celebrity trainers’ most personal trainers provide affordable personal training to ordinary, down-to-earth people who have jobs and kids and mortgages. Hollywood isn’t that big, after all! There wouldn’t be many personal trainers in the world if they only existed to serve the rich and famous.

Unfortunately, the celebrity association makes personal training look like an expensive luxury; or an indulgence, like having gold plated taps or a swimming pool with your name on the bottom. That’s not the case though. Personal training is an investment in your health, just like buying a good toothbrush, getting a check-up, or shopping organic.

The way my clients see it is that by spending a little bit of money on focused, professional advice and support they are saving goodness knows how much in future medical bills, prescriptions, and doctor’s visits – not to mention protecting their priceless quality of life. If you let your health slide it impacts everything you do. There is no way to put a cost on that.

When you think of it that way, personal training isn’t a luxury – it’s essential.

Part of the reason I’m a personal trainer is because of my deep appreciation for the value of good health and fitness. I feel it in my own life and want to share it with my clients.

That’s why I offer a variety of personal training pricing and formats. I don’t want people to deny themselves the benefit of great health because they’re afraid of the cost. I offer one-to-one private sessions, semi-private sessions (aka the buddy system: you work-out with a friend, split the cost and double your fun) and group sessions. You can choose to pay by session, monthly rates… whatever is right for your time and budget.

Personal training helps you work safely, efficiently, and allows you to address specific concerns or goals. Instead of wasting time figuring out exercises, equipment or complicated timings, you spend your valuable workout time working out. The other great thing about booking regular PT sessions is MOTIVATION. It forces you to be consistent and put in honest effort which is, I promise, the only way to see real results.

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