Boot Camp in the Park!

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Boot Camp in the Park!

What are you doing to stay healthy?   I have been running around Chicago for almost 4 years now.  I am very excited to tell you about the new Boot Camp venture for PelzFit.   over the past 2 years I have been running the path on Lake Shore Drive and in, out, through, under and over Lincoln Park and today I finally decided to bring some workouts to Chicago and the parks.

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Why shouldn’t you be able to do this

I want to start with Lincoln  Park and then expand but first I will be bringing a Boot Camp (small group workout) to Lincoln Park and the Old Town/Lincoln Park neighborhoods.   These neighborhoods have a mix demographic for sure predominately middle to upper class families and singles in their mid 20’s to upper 60’s making some great income.

I am very excited to get fitness in front of all these people and see what PelzFit can do for them.   These workouts will consist of Plyometrics – the ability to jump from one place to another with good form.   The foundation of balance will also be a part of each and every workout.   There will always be strength and body resistance training mixed for the growth of muscle to help burn that fat.   As well HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) to get the heart rate way up, and slowly bring it back down burning 9x more calories then you atypical run on the treadmill or outdoor jog.

The PelzFit Boot Camp will challenge you each and every session to push past those brain barriers and get you creating bigger and better goals before you know it.

Today I am giving a huge discount to those that want in.  I want to get as many people in the Boot Camp as possible and even though this is a steal of a deal I feel the need to help people more then make money!

SALE for $99 TODAY!

This Boot Camp is on SALE for $99 TODAY!   Share with your friends below and see how many people we can get there.  It starts Monday July 9th!


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