Beachbody Challenge….the time is NOW

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Beach Body Personal Trainer Chicago PelzfitAre you ready to make the CHANGE!

Are you READY to COMMIT!

I am looking for 5 people that are ready to succeed at losing weight through a healthy and proven approach. I have personally been using P90X, INSANITY, TURBO FIRE, and drinking Shakeology every day to stay in the best shape of my life and now you can to for a HUGE discount.

I am bringing to YOU a challenge that makes you change your life around for the better. I am looking for 5 individuals; this can be a young guy looking for a better workout, a workaholic single mother of 3, or a family that has struggled with weight together, that want to make a difference in their life and start feeling good about themselves. Are you on board!!
Obesity is an ever-growing problem in today’s society and you can help put an end to it by CHANGING and DECIDING to SUCCEED.
What do you say!

Pick the Beachbody Challenge Chicago pack of your choosing each come with a fitness program, 30 day subscription to Beachbody club, Shakeology on auto ship, and ME as your accountability.

SAVINGS  $160 = $25.75                    $180 = $26.73                          $205  =  $44.69

If you are motivated and wanting to join my challenge please click:

                                  Coach                                             Customer

*Coach you get to help others and while you lose the weight and make a little $ doing it and a chance to win $$*
**Customer you get a chance to only win $$ for working out**

Contact me if you have questions or need more information.  If you have someone that you have in mind for this challenge by all means give them my information and I will be more then happy to talk with them.  Also if you get someone to join the challenge with you I will give you 5 sample Shakeology packets shipped to you for a SIGN ON BONUS!


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