Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

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Did I mean “Hard Boiled” eggs, no i guess I really meant Baked Eggs. (since there is no boiling need)

I want to first Thank my Sister Kerry for finding egg recipe for me.  She knows that I have always wanted to eat more hard boiled eggs, but I struggle cooking just about anything that requires you to pay very close attention to it, aka anything you have to measure and bake.   Well, this recipe for Baked hard boiled eggs is super easy:

First you must have eggs that are as fresh as possible, only because that is what I used.  If I could have gotten eggs directly of the farm I would have.   But 12 hour old eggs will do great.   Second you must have a working oven, bowl that fits all the eggs you want to cook and ice, tongs {so as not to burn one self} and lastly someone to help peel when done.

Step One: place the eggs not NOT like this, be sure to place them long ways along the racks so that they don’t roll.   I did not listen to directions, hopefully you can.

Placed on racks

Step 2: Set the oven to 350, turn on and preheat.

Preheated Oven

When the eggs are properly placed in the oven and it is set for the temperature that you desire {either 325 or 350} then

Step 3: set timer to 30 minutes, if you need help with this, then call me below I will help!!

Set the time!

Step 4:  You can’t see but these are done and they have some brown spots on them, no BIGGIE!   Those spots will not harm anyone!

Baked EGGS

Step 5: Place eggs in a pre-prepared bowl of ice water!  This does not have to be super cold but non-the-less they eggs should sit in the water for 10 minutes before removing.

Ice Bath

                                           AND DONE!   

Finished product!

Pefectly cooked eggs that only take 30 minutes.  All you have to do is SET and COME BACK in 30 minutes.    You have yourself as many hard boiled eggs ready for you to eat however you would like.

You now have a great source of protein that you can carry around with you all day.  It is said that a hard boiled egg can go without refrigeration for over 12 hours and not lose taste.    I love to eat them plain with some water for a great source of protein.  Over 9 grams of protein alone from one egg.   Everyone knows we all need protein to replenish the muscles you just broke down.

Enjoy your EGGS.

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