5 Ways to drink more water

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Drink more water, 5 ways to do it.

As a personal trainer and a beachbody coach I’m talking about the importance of water almost every day.   Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can drink more water in some very simple ways.

1) Use a cup

2) Use a cup with a straw

3) Check the temperature

4) It makes what your drinking more of a treat

5) Join a water challenge (Mine perhaps)

Number 1, use a cup.  This may sound simple and it is.   When you go to the local market or corner shop you pick up your bottled Fiji water.   Well now you take that back and you have your square bottle that looks so pretty and you set it down on your desk and you start to work again.   You will often times not drink from this bottle that often for one reason, it has a lid.  Crazy right but it takes that much energy to pick up the bottle, twist off the cap and then tilt it up to your mouth and repeat backwards to get back to work.  Now I know it sounds very meaningless but try some of these things you read and report back to me.    USE A CUP!

drink more water

No number 2, Use a cup with a straw.   Take it up a notch.   It is time to take the bottle of fiji water and start to use a straw!   Keep a giant straw at your desk or work station and use the straw to consume your water, noticed i didn’t say beverage, no sodas here’s why.  When you use a straw you are eliminating the nonsense to get the liquid to your mouth, all you need to do is lean (no need to take your eye off your work, unless your a poke the straw through your nose kind of person, then take your eye off your work) and sip from the straw.    Wallah your done with your sip!

On to #3, the temperature of your water.   Did you know that your body is able to absorb and use warm water then you can cold.  It is a known fact that it is much easier to drink the warm water then super cold, I mean it stings your teeth if is it super cold.    But if you take a lukewarm glass of water and drink it with a straw you would be amazed at how much water you drink and how quickly!    Make it warm.

I am not entirely certain of this fact but I had to throw it in.   I know from personal experience on a cruise in a hot Bahama sun, if I had an ice cold glass of water with a straw next to the pool then I would love to have a straw so I can act like it is a caipirinha (pronounced [kap pree na]).  It makes you feel like your enjoying it more.    Don’t believe me try it.


And lastly, 5 is a water challenge!    As a coach I hold water challenges about once a month to get people to see the importance of water.   In this challenge you will learn some of the benefits of water as well as some other tidbits that my team has found through the years.  This is an accountability groups that pushes you to drink a certain amount of water for one week and we discuss the benefits after.    If interested Fill This Out




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