5 Halloween Inspired Races

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5 Halloween Inspired Races In The United States

Halloween the much anticipated running day is around, and here in the United States, we celebrate it in style. There are many Halloween inspired races that by just participating in them, will leave you dreaming of the next Halloween day in years to come. Running is fun and offers some health benefits to our bodies like keeping fit, losing those extra pounds and also gives us a chance to socialize with different people during the race and so on.  If you are in the United States and looking forward to having fun around this Halloween season, then see below different Halloween races that you can participate in from various states and in various dates.

1. Panic In The Dark.


The race will be taking place in Lowell, Massachusetts on 5 Nov 2016.  The race is known to be the most scariest and fun at the same time.  The 5k race entails a horrifying finish as it winds through darkened woods and race across a cemetery that some people claim still haunted.  In addition to that, there are around 15-20 maddening obstacles and zombies fighting for your brains. Panic in the dark race is going down this being its 3rd year in a row with hundreds of satisfied freaked out runners.

2. Monster Dash Race.

Taking place in Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota on 29 October 2016, this race is one of its kind. With the monster madness race of half marathon 5k or 10k in the two biggest cities will be full of participants no matter which race you choose to run.  The dress code is simple, dressing like superheroes, the newest pop culture trend, and the monsters to compliment the look and the running gets fun all way.  Plus you don’t leave empty handed as at the beginning of the race you will be given a race jacket and a finishing medal at the finishing line.

3. Miami Beach Half Marathon.


Happening on 29 October 2016 at Miami Beach Florida, If you are around Miami beach don’t be left behind for this inspired half marathon. The race includes some physical body workouts like stretches over boardwalks and the mind blowing esplanades along the ocean. However, the best show is for the runners themselves that run dressed in sexy costumes in real Miami style that are the cops, kittens, nurses, and superheroes who show off their beautiful skins, come and experience the fun.

4. The Great Pumpkin Haul

The race will be going down in Littleton, Colorado on 22 October 2016, this is the toughest race ever, the 2-mile race participants must navigate ford rivers and hay bales while carrying the plump orange gourd.  The earliest you arrive the more chances of receiving a prize from the patch, and you join the rest for pumpkins-centric warm ups.  At the end of the race, there is the toast of pumpkin beer, funny and fun, right?  You can be sure that this priceless memory will last forever.

5. Halloween in Emmaus 5K

Venue: Emmaus, Pennsylvania.On 15th October this year the streets of Emmaus, Pennsylvania will be busy with runners running a 5k race, starting off from runners headquarters and ends around the same route of Emmaus Halloween Parade.  Thousands of participators will be out to cheer you to finish.  Be sure to pick a costume that won’t let you down, the race will take 40 minutes or less to give way for the parade.   Wrap up!

Halloween happens once in every year and once it’s gone its gone forever, come out and enjoy the Halloween inspired races taking places around your area and get rejuvenated like never before.  Happy Halloween!

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