3 benefits of the burpee

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It has been looked at under a microscopic and combed over for years and years. It has been used and will continue to be used in grade schools, high schools, and College Universities nation wide and I would assume, but only assume, that this exercise is being used World wide as well.

Today I wanted to talk with you about the Burpee and how it is the MOST effective and even a little bit about the history of it. This was first introduced as an agility test for the military personnel in WWII by Royal H. Burpee and was also used as a punishment for prisoners following the Civil War. We are talking decades that the Burpee has been used for. It is now one of the most accepted full-body strength moves, especially for runners. The Burpee is a high intensity core, sheet, triceps, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, and fast-twitch muscles.

As a runner myself I know the true benefits of the burpee. It will not only increase muscle strength but also increases lung and heart strength all of which are extremely beneficial for runners. Runners often make the mistake of just RUNNING. This is not the right thing to do it will limit your potential.

“When you run, you only call on some of your muscles, however when you do high intensity interval training like the burpee, lots of your muscles are recruited. This is important because in the late stages of a marathon when you typically would be depleted you’ll have those muscle fibers to call on” Jonathon P. Little University of B. C.

Wow you mean I should not just run when training for a marathon. Introducing this burpee into your workouts is as simple as once a week or 3 times a week. It is up to you or up to Pelzfit your nearest trainer.

Keep on running Chicago!

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